Cooperation and Art

-In search of funding -

  • Sector: Culture, Education and Occupation

  • Location: Zone of  Kombo (The Gambia)

If we all agree on something is that human lives and the basic well-being of people are the priority of all organizations dedicated to international cooperation for development.

Areas such as health, basic education, agricultural development, the empowerment of communities ... are the main focus in which we are working in order to improve the lives of the population of these countries as well as to boost their autonomy and independence from foreign aid.

However, there are areas that for different reasons have not been supported or taken into consideration. Art, and the different forms that make it up, are relegated to a role of little interest for the development of local communities in the countries of the South without identifying the potential of this area in the human and professional development of people. 

Undoubtedly Arts like music, dance or painting have a very important presence in the African culture, specifically in The Gambia. In spite of this fact, it has always been taken as an element of tradition that has been oriented only towards the seasonal tourism of the country, sacrificing at the same time the potential of the artists in favor of the tastes and tendencies that the tourist that travels to The Gambia is looking for.

As has been demonstrated in our environment, Art is a very powerful instrument to work on multiple emotional, psychological, and social aspects ... and in spite of that, it has been little used in the field of international cooperation for development.

In this project we seek to use Art as an instrument of human, social and economic development for children and adults who have sensitivity and interest in music, dance, painting or sculpture.

Move on Art aims to be an Arts School for children and adults as well as a multi-purpose space dedicated to the promotion of Art.

- In the first place, we seek to establish a collaboration framework with Gambian schools so that all children who want to develop an artistic discipline have the opportunity to do it alongside with their basic school training.

This School of Arts will work to train children in dance, music, painting or sculpture.

- Second, we want to create a space for learning and exchange of knowledge by artists who currently have no way to develop their artistic work.

Through the transfer to use these spaces it is intended that the artists of the country have facilities equipped to carry out their work.

  • In third and last place, the project seeks to promote Art as a professional alternative for people who want to dedicate themselves to it. With the creation of exhibitions (physical and virtual), dance companies and music bands we want to offer real opportunities to those people who decide to develop their artistic interest to the point of a professional dedication.