- Ongoing project- 

  • Sector: Health,  Gender Equality, Education and Employment

  • Location: Kanifing, Serrekunda (The Gambia)

As part of the Gambia's global development plan, the construction project of the physiotherapy center of Serrekunda Hospital hand by hand with the Ministry of Health of the Gambia has been initiated.

The project was born to meet the need to provide service to a large number of unattended population, since there is currently only one center with these characteristics in the country. The center that currently provides these services is in Banjul (Royal Victoria Hospital) being 15 km from the Serrekunda area, considered the most densely populated area in the Gambia (more than 600,000 inhabitants).

The center, led by Dr. Penda (Director of the Physical Therapy Center of the current center and promoter of the project together with our entity), will be a space for training in physiotherapy while promoting jobs for the local population in the public health of the country.

The project considers the possibility of extending to 3 more centers throughout the country by transferring their management, once completed, to the Ministry of Health itself to enter the Public Health network of The Gambia.

At the same time, this project is linked to the area of Maternal and Children and Sexual Health as well as to the prevention of HIV in a general plan to improve Public Health in the The Gambia.