From UNOMÁSUNO+ we understand awareness as a means to fight against misinformation and prejudice.

We can establish three basic scenarios to work on raising awareness and achieve the greatest possible impact, thus generating an expansion of the perspectives of each individual.

The three areas in which UNOMÁSUNO+ works in relation to raising awareness are:

1. School

Some work has been done to raise awareness in the classrooms through a cross-cutting axis in which all the agents of a school community find their space for participation. Is based of microprojects to run in The Gambia where teachers, parents and students collaborate,  makes these actors be aware of the reality existing  in other less favored countries such as The Gambia.

2. Solidary travels:

With travels, awareness is achieved through the experiences lived in the country. It is perhaps the fastest, most effective and rewarding way where people who travel are nourished by the country's culture, its problems and its many nuances. The awareness that is achieved in a trip accompanied by volunteers, colleagues and locals goes beyond international cooperation and provides a unique life experience.

3. Activities:

It is about linking the awareness of cooperation with the values of sports or art. Through tournaments and other recreational activities we open the doors to the world of cooperation. It is in the end a formula to bring Africa closer to our lives.

The idea of awakening consciences is one of the pillars of UNOMÁSUNO+ and goes alongside the work on the field that our organization carries out in The Gambia.