UNOMÁSUNO+ is a humanitarian organization that aims to promote the development, in the broadest sense of the word, of the most disadvantaged rural communities in The Gambia.

In a country where 75% of the population depends directly on agriculture, livestock and fishing, UNOMÁSUNO+ aims to provide infrastructures and knowledge to all those communities that are limited forced to work in order to survive.

Even so, seeing the lack of projection of values of the first world, UNOMÁSUNO+ works to raise awareness in the school community and also outside of the school community, to bring into people the sense of international cooperation trying to convey values such as human dignity, solidarity, consistency and commitment.

In this way, not only we want to help the most disadvantaged people socially and economically, but we also fight to put an end to many prejudices.

After all, we want to awaken consciences.

Living África

Without pretending to be a travel agency Spain-Gambia, we want to give an answer to all the people  interested in seeing first hand how international cooperation works, specifically from the perspective of a small NGO working in the African continent.

We all have read and heard news from Africa, from NGOs, from aid for cooperation, from volunteering, from poverty ... but none of them defines what it is or what is experienced today in Africa.

Africa is a great continent, with a multitude of ethnic groups, governments, landscapes and history. For all this, UNOMÁSUNO+ wants to help putting all these ideas in order and gives the opportunity for everyone to live a different and unique experience.

If we want to understand something about Africa, we can only do it by stepping on their lands, tasting their meals, talking with their people, playing with their children ... nothing is going to teach us more than to travel.

The fusion of adventure, solidarity, culture and cooperation define what the VIVE AFRICA program is.

Why Gambia?

Known as The Smiling Coast of Africa, The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa and one of the poorest. The Gambia river gives name to the country, and as a result of the successive colonization that it underwent, is of the most devastated countries by the traffic of slaves.

Its lack of mineral resources has not given rise to warlike conflicts as those of other neighboring countries and for many years it has been a tourist destination for many citizens of northern countries.

The Government of The Gambia and its authorities take great care of the safety of foreigners in the country and for that reason since UNOMÁSUNO+ is traveling there, it has never experienced the feeling of insecurity or fear.

Since the creation of UNOMÁSUNO+ in 2006, we have traveled to The Gambia with more than 10 groups of people (adults and children). All of them have lived the experience of discovering Africa: many have repeated, others have not, but they all remember the trip to The Gambia as a unique life experience.