Understanding that the development of a country takes place in a cross-sectional way and that happens through different fields, UNOMÁSUNO+ has worked since 2007 on 4 basic pillars considering them to be of vital importance to guarantee a real improvement in the opportunities of the population of the Gambia. These fields are education, health, economy and culture.

Through an action plan based on improving the living conditions of young people and women, projects of different scope have been implemented followed all by he same principle: to improve the present and the future of the people who live in The Gambia, avoiding mainly the so-called "back way": the migration of men and women to Europe in search of better opportunities, risking their lives and further reducing the possibilities of change in the country.

Our organization has carried out several projects at a local level, always in coordination with the public Administrations of The Gambia to ensure their future and sustainability.

Currently, after our experience and the results, we have detected outstanding needs that have initiated and proposed new projects at a national level in coordination with the corresponding Ministries with the aim of achieving new milestones of greater scope to achieve substantial changes in the lives of people and the country.

The fact of being able to count on a local team led by personnel of the NGO in The Gambia, facilitates the implementation and monitoring of all the projects, focusing then our work in the field.